​What is prethINK and why was it started?

Sarah Kotlarek founded prethINK in 2012. Sarah has a strong foundation in business which fueled her successful career as a banker. She possesses a unique ability to examine any situation and utilize her problem solving skills to generate opportunities for both growth and improvement. Sarah left the banking world in 2009 to pursue a career in art and relocated to North Carolina in 2010 where she began training as a tattoo artist.  By 2011 Sarah saw tremendous room for improvement in the tattoo industry. PrethINK launched in 2014 after two years of careful research and relationship building.

PrethINK is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that challenges communities creatively. Specifically, prethINK works to empower students to make healthy choices about tattoos and promotes networking among artists.  

Our organization has created a detailed curriculum that covers the history of tattoos, the health and safety aspects, and the often overlooked lifelong impacts of having tattoos. The curriculum is rooted in research and the personal experiences of the educators. This curriculum is designed to be shared in local middle schools, high schools, churches, and community centers.

One of prethINK’s many future goals is to provide tattoo removal at no cost to young, qualifying individuals wishing to reverse any regretful decisions prohibiting them from a successful future. PrethINK is also investigating channels that will lead to the recognition of "Tattoo Artist" by the National Labor Board. This recognition will lead to a publication of an accredited Tattoo Artist Training Manual and the establishment of necessary criteria required to be met in order to practice the art of tattooing.

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