Meet the Board!

The Board of Directors for prethINK are volunteers. Each board member comes from a different walk of life and posesses valuable skills that contribute to the success of prethINK. The members share a passion for art and community relations. We invite you to contact any member by clicking on their e-mail links below!

​Sarah Kotlarek

Crystal Fink

Erin Peters

Nina Derek

Mike Kotlarek

Sarah Kotlarek is the founder and CEO of prethINK Inc. Her love for serving people began with her experience as a bank teller and her passion grew as she climbed the corporate ladder, ultimately achieving the position of Branch Manager at a notably young age. She learned her business skills from within the banking world and learned from corporate executives, mentors, and growth courses provided by the corporation. While she was grateful for the opportunity and experience that the bank provided, she was left wanting more. "My heart always wanted more, I just didn't know what it was. I just knew it was bigger." Sarah followed her heart in 2009 and began her tattoo apprenticeship with her now husband, Mike Kotlarek. Banking taught Sarah to look at situations objectively, target the problem, and resolve the issue while keeping the business at heart and maintaining a  positive customer relationship. This formula did not work when she applied it to  the tattoo industry, piquing her curiosity. As Sarah learned more about the craft, culture, and  community she was exposed to new and different perspectives. This led her to the non-profit sector and the birth of prethINK. When Sarah sets her ambitions aside for leisure activities, she enjoys spending time with her two daughters and husband, reading non-fiction and fostering her love for fashion.

Crystal Fink serves prethINK as both the Vice President of Finance and the Treasurer. When she is not taking care of her family she is putting her Master's degree in Accounting to use by executing the financial duties and responsibilities for a local business. A nurturer by nature, she finds meaning in helping others and feels that giving back is far more rewarding than being rewarded. She has volunteered with affiliations such as the Family Readiness Group and the Parent Teacher Organization for over ten years. Crystal wants to give her community the necessary tools to make informed decisions regarding the tattoo industry. In her spare time, Crystal enjoys cooking, baking, sewing, reading, spending time with her family, and narrating conversations between her dogs.

Erin Peters works as both the Vice President of Operations and the Legal Director of prethINK. Erin is currently attending graduate school to obtain her Master of Science in Compliance Law with a focus in Corporate Regulation. She likes to live by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Always do what you are afraid to do." A highly passionate individual, she has a deep respect for prethINK's purpose and mission.  Erin believes in focusing on the solution instead of the problem and she is excited to use this positive energy to make a difference in the community. Erin enjoys reading in her spare time, as well as trying new things that go beyond her comfort zone. 

Nina Derek currently serves as the Branding Director for prethINK and uses her Bachelor of Science in Psychology to help the organization manage their social impact and serve their mission. Nina became enamored with the art of tattoos after feeling inspired to commemorate her favorite literary works, primarily the Harry Potter series. Nina realized that she needed to research how to choose both a tattoo artist and studio, but was disappointed to find a lack of information. The university Nina attended provided numerous volunteering opportunities which helped her discover her passion for charitable work, particularly with the youth. Nina was ecstatic to combine her love of tattoo artistry and community service through prethINK.

MIke Kotlarek is the tattoo artist liaison and the Fundraising Director for prethINK. Mike, an Ohio native and U.S. Navy Veteran, owns and operates his own tattoo studio with his wife, Sarah.  Sarah's idea to provide education about tattoo culture resonated with Mike as he saw an opportunity to bridge the natural gap that exists between artists. He serves as a speaker, mentor and educator for classroom seminars and social events as prethINK continues to grow. Mike fills his spare time with hobbies including auto-mechanics and classic cars while balancing the duties of a step-father to two beautiful daughters.

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